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greenpointe strives to provide the design and architectural communities with the newest, innovative, and sustainable materials for their projects. greenpointe is made up of people with ideas that care; that place value on the individual; that value the earth we have inherited and will pass on that importance to the next generations. 

We believe in creativity.  We love to  assist people in bringing their imaginations into real form.  

greenpointe associates is a green focused specialty agent firm, that is not only dedicated to sustainable materials, designs, and systems, we like to bring new flair and artistic qualities to architecture.

While the most beautiful places on earth are in nature, designers succeed in replicating  

the feel and the beauty everyday in their designs.

We pride ourselves to be constantly on the search, pushing to the forefront of innovative sustainable architectural products that will help push the limits of building incredible and long lasting spaces.

We live and work to be a part of the process, aiming to offer world class service, sound understanding, and world class 

professionalism to those we work with.

We would love to hear about what sustainability means to you and how you are implementing new products into your designs.  How may we help you?

Your greenpointe team

Recycled Glass Surfaces:
Suitable for Home, Commercial

Vetrazzo glass surfacing is made of up to 83% recycled material. The vibrant colors and one of a kind nature of this product make it a natural for focal points and dramatic spaces. Stocking locally, half and full slabs.

Bamboo products:
Flooring, Plywood, Decorative panels

Plyboo has been making Bamboo materials since 1989. Plyboo shows their commitment to sustainability by carrying a chain of custody certification from the Forest Stewardship council. 

Trea' by Mapletex is the newest option for sustainable paper based surfaces. In natural colors as well as the beautiful Aspen (white) Trea' gives you the warmth and feel of wood in a solid surface.
Versacork Mosaic- Sustainable cork tiles

Available in 1" rounds and 1-3/8" rounds.

Unfinished and prefinished available.

Custom colors available. Suitable for wet and dry applications.  Neutral cork works with any style. Warm to the touch, soft underfoot. A beautiful option for you.

You can have everything in life that you want, if you will help as many other people as possible get what they want.

                                        Zig Ziglar

High recycled content sustainable surfaces made in Seattle WA USA. Novustone utilizes post consumer recycled materials such as bottle glass, windows and mirror as well as post-industrial recycled content in their custom poured slabs. Naturally stain, heat and UV resistant, Novustone offers style with durability.