"I never had the dream to be a great designer. my focus was just to do beautiful things"

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Smith and Fong was the first to introduce laminated bamboo products to the united states in 1989.It has since become a leader in using bamboo as an alternative building source.

  • Flooring- Natural and Caramelized, stained and brushed. Many options to suit any style. Face grain, edge grain, strand.
  • Plywood- Natural and Caramelized, edge grain and face grain, many thickness options
  • Sound panels- New! These artistic panels help with sound reduction in large and intimate spaces
  • Decorative panels- Reveal- New! These carved panels give you a million dollar look for much less. Gorgeous!
  • Palm products- made from Coconut and Sugar Palm, these accents offer a tropical look to your space. Flooring too.